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Kéçako ?

What is this?

News on the site: the blog is making its appearance. Yes, I know, it's Old School, but why not?

For those who don't know me yet, my name is Adrien. A French photographer expatriated to Quebec, I am passionate about the world of motocross. I have always had the desire to express myself through writing on topics that interest me. I enjoy discovering new things, and when something captivates me, I can spend hours researching about it. So, why not share all of this with you?

The upcoming Snocross event is perhaps the best example for me. In France, in many regions, we don't know snow, let alone snowmobiling. I discovered this sport upon my arrival, and it is the starting point of my adventure in the world of motocross that I have been able to experience here during my first year in Canadian territory. Perhaps some French people would like to know more about this subject? As for me, I still have a lot to discover about this practice.

Photo aérienne du snocross de Shawinigan en février 2023
Snocross SCMX Shawinigan 2023 / @laposetoph

Many of you this summer asked me questions and sought advice on photography. It's an exciting but oh-so-challenging profession. Perhaps you would like to discover the behind-the-scenes and learn more?

I met a lot of people during this first year. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to get to know you all better. Maybe you would like to know a bit more about certain drivers, photographers, or even mechanics?

This season as a photographer on the MX circuit in Quebec also allowed me to explore a beautiful part of the territory through various events. I got to know a lot of tracks. But would you perhaps be curious to discover the organization behind all of this?

I saw many dealerships and partners involved in various events. Kudos to them for their support to all these drivers. But maybe you would like to know more about their services?

Stand Dirt Care lors du NorthEasth Championship sur le circuit de Motocross de Deschambault au Quebec en Octobre 2023
Dirt Care / NorthEasth Championship 2023 / @laposetoph

As you can see, there is no shortage of topics to fuel this blog. If there's one thing missing right now, it's time. So, no pressure, no defined cruising speed for regular post publications. It will also happen at your pace because if you want to be part of the adventure, feel free to contact me ( It would be a real pleasure to chat with you and get to know you to share it with the readers.

Now that you've read these few lines, perhaps you see the arrival of this page in a different light?

So, shall we go for it?

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