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Thirty Six Project

Imagine merging your passions to create something absolutely unique?

After a first season following the provincial and national motocross championship, where I was able to combine two long-standing passions, I decided to extend the enjoyment and merge these passions into unique products.

Thirty six is about to be born, and I invite you to be part of the adventure

36 Blanc base 1_edited.png


A clothing line inspired by your passion, showcased through my lens to proudly display your love for this discipline.

It will also be an extremely limited collection of collector's hoodies, inspired by my finest shots.

You've probably already guessed the number of products per design that will be available for this collection.

But it will also be a collection designed for photographers, because we must admit, you may be practicing one of the most beautiful sports in the world, but we also have one of the most beautiful professions on this planet. Each photographer will be able to showcase their love for their passion.


For the older ones, this number will bring back certain memories. In the realm of photography, it will remind you of the number of photos that were possible to capture on 35mm film rolls. The famous 36-exposure films.

It will also remind you of a certain David Bailey. An American rider who made his mark in the 80s but saw his career come to a halt in 1987, a few weeks before my birth. He was supported by numerous riders and especially in recent years by Adam Cianciarulo, Max Vohland, Michael Mosiman, and now by Garrett Marchbanks.

As you can see, the number 36 was the perfect symbol to identify this fusion.

THIRTY SIX supports you.

Because without your talent, this brand couldn't come to life, THIRTY SIX will show its gratitude by giving back a portion of the profits through sponsorships to support you in reaching new heights.

THIRTY SIX starts now

Join the adventure quickly. Be a part of the birth of this brand and get your hands on the first exclusive products by Laposetoph.

Click the link below now, explore our offers, and become one of our pioneers.

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