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Quebecois in US Supercross

The adventure is just beginning for the blog, and the kind of article you are about to read is exactly the format I was eager to experiment with. I am passionate about introducing you to riders who bring life to the Quebec and Canadian racing scene by revealing more about their personalities and immersing you in their adventures. I didn't think I could inaugurate it so soon, but there was no need to wait too long, and you'll quickly understand why.


As enthusiasts, we didn't miss Guillaume St-Cyr's announcement regarding the 2024 US Supercross season, which will kick off in a few weeks on the Anaheim side. Guillaume had recently expressed his desire to be part of the East Coast championship.

🧐 So, you might be wondering why we currently find him in California!

But before we go any further, allow me to provide a brief introduction for those who are not yet familiar with Guillaume.

Guillaume, for those who may not know you yet, could you introduce yourself briefly?

Hi, I'm Guillaume St-Cyr, I'm 25 years old, and I come from Victoriaville, QC. I've been riding motorcycles since the age of 4. I started riding in the sand pit behind my cousin's house with him in 2004.

Before diving into the current events, could you tell us about your 2023 season?

In 2023, I participated in AMA Supercross in both the 450 and 250 categories. I then competed in races in Canada. I joined the SXQC Arenacross championship, where I was defending my 2022 title. Unfortunately, I finished 2nd in the championship, just 1 point behind the leader. I also took part in the Canadian Triple Crown Arenacross series, finishing 5th in the Pro 450 championship. I also competed in the Deschambault round of the Triple Crown National, securing 10th and 17th place finishes, resulting in a 13th overall ranking in the Pro 450 category.

Guillaune St-Cyr lors de la Manche de Triple Crown sur le terrain de motocross MX Deschambault Québec
Guillaume St-Cyr / Triple Crown 2023 / MX Deschambault / @laposetoph
Guillaune St-Cyr lors de la Manche de Triple Crown sur le terrain de motocross MX Deschambault Québec
Guillaume St-Cyr / Triple Crown 2023 / MX Deschambault / @laposetoph

Thank you for this brief introduction. Let's now move on to the current events and your 2024 season.

We were expecting you in the East Coast SX championship and were surprised to see you behind the wheel of your truck heading to California a few days ago, accompanied by Annabelle, your cat, with around 4800 km to cover. You informed us shortly afterward of a change in plans, and we learned that you would ultimately be participating in the US West Coast SX championship.

2900miles behind the wheel of the Sprinter, which will crisscross the roads of the SX circuit.
Route pour la californie, supercross ama usa, SX, MX
Guillaume on the way to California with Annabelle.

Can you explain the project and this last-minute change of plans?

The change in plans is that one of my sponsors (BBLplumbing) knew a coach in California and wanted to help me participate in the 250 West championship. So, I decided to change my plans and try the West for the first time.

Did you manage to organize yourself in such a short time after announcing your intention to participate in the 2024 SX?

Yes, I had time to prepare everything, but it was really last minute. At the moment, my race bike is still not ready.

Did you find support on-site?

I'm renting a room at my friend Ryan Surratt's place, and I have my Sprinter, so I'm commuting to the track for practice, and I'll do the same for the races.

Ktm, californie, AMA SX
Guillaume and Annabelle have found accommodation at their friend Ryan Surratt's place.
Ktm, wash, sx ama mx californie
Guillaume can count on the support of his partner to stand by him in this adventure.

A session on the Hemet Supercross track, located southeast of Los Angeles.

What track will you be training on before the start of the season? Do you have a specific program?

Here, I have a coach named Kyle Lewis. I follow his program, and he tells me which track to go to every day. I ride 4 days a week. I've had the opportunity to train on the Hemet SX track, Fox Raceway, and also Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park.

Will you participate in all ten rounds of the 250W championship?

Yes, I will do all the rounds in the West, and I will also participate in Foxborough, which is the closest race to Quebec, where I will be in the Pro 450 category.

What are your goals for this season?

My goals are to qualify for the night show in every race and to succeed in qualifying for the Main Event.

Ktm, motocross, supercross, hemet supercross, californie
An objective for Guillaume: to reach the finals.

If we talk to you about the Promotocross, what do you have in mind?

For outdoor races in the USA, I would like to participate in Southwick. I have raced there a few times in the amateur category.

Thank you very much, Guillaume, for taking the time to answer these few questions. We wish you good luck for this year, and most importantly, have a great time!

If you wish to encourage Guillaume directly from the edge of the track, meet us in Foxborough on April 13 for the Monster Energy AMA Supercross event. But above all, don't forget that your support is essential for Guillaume to help him with his project. Every little gesture can make a difference. So, don't leave this page without contributing to his fundraiser, and let's support him in this wonderful adventure.

This format was enjoyable! Would you like to discover more drivers and their projects like this? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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