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"The 2024 Schedule of CQMX

Are you Québécois and haven't been following the news, or are you on the other side of the Atlantic wondering what the motocross scene looks like here in Quebec? This post is for you.

Départ course Motocross Québec, Canada
My first starts on the Quebec circuit in the rain at the GAS Issoudun track. / @laposetoph

Last week, motocross enthusiasts received exciting news with the release of the schedule for the CQMX (Québec Motocross Challenge) events for the year 2024. This announcement was accompanied by the unveiling of an entirely new website, marking a significant step in the organization's modernization. Established in 1995, CQMX is gearing up for its 29th season, promising motocross enthusiasts an adrenaline-filled year.

For the 2024 season, the Québec provincial championship will feature a series of 7 events spanning from May to October. However, a significant modification has been made to the schedule, with the loss of one date, consequently leading to the absence of the traditional event at the Xtown circuit. This change has already sparked discussions among motocross enthusiasts, with some expressing their disappointment at the omission of this iconic stage from the championship.

depart motocross quenec, canada, photographie photographer
We won't have a race start at Xtown this year. / @laposetoph

This challenge provides us with the opportunity to witness a large number of enthusiasts from the province on the track, as well as local professional riders. From the youngest to the oldest, the schedule for a day is packed but delivers a spectacular show. It was during this competition last season that I had the chance to gain my first experiences and discover riders such as Kaven Benoit (KTM, MXON 2010-14-16), Eve Brodeur (10-time National Champion - GASGAS 2023 - KTM 2024), Jess Pettis (Team Canadian MXON 2023 - KTM), Jeremy McKie (Yamaha), Josiah Natzke, Dylan Rempel, Julien Benek, Tim Tremblay, and many more that I may be overlooking. While these riders might be less known on French circuits, they are true stars in Quebec.

The challenge serves as a platform to explore and appreciate the talent of these local athletes, creating connections between motocross enthusiasts and professionals. It is a celebration of the diversity of competitors and the shared passion that fuels this community.

Eve Brodeur Gasgas Motocross, Québec, Canada
The day I discovered this name behind my lens for the first time. - Eve Brodeur / @laposetoph

Jess pettis ktm canada motocross photography
Jess Pettis, whom you had the opportunity to see ride at the MXON '23 in Ernée. / @laposetoph

Here is the 2024 schedule for CQMX:

18-19 Mai - GAS Issoudun

1-2 Juin - Motocross Ste Julie

22-23 Juin - Tring Jonction

6-7 Juillet - St-Élie Motorsports

20-21 Juillet - Desbiens

17-19 Août - Franklin Motosport

31-1 Sept - GAS Issoudun

Rouler au quebec en motocross, MX, France
Mathieu will have taken advantage of his family vacation to challenge himself on the Quebec motocross circuit./@laposetoph

If you're planning a trip to Quebec this summer in August, don't hesitate to come and experience this challenge at the Franklin event, located just an hour's drive south of Montreal. Whether you're an adrenaline enthusiast or simply curious about the excitement of motorsports in Quebec, the Franklin event in August is the perfect opportunity. Join us for a day filled with emotions, encounters, and discoveries at the heart of the Quebec motor sports scene.

This year, I even had the opportunity to meet a French pilot during the Xtown event. He was making the most of his family vacation to tackle the Quebec circuit.

For my part, I am waiting for the schedules of various organizations to be published before announcing my presence at various events across the country.

Event organizers, feel free to contact me so we can collaborate on your poster to boost your communication

Will you be attending CQMX this year? Let me know in the comments.

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