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On the way to Snocross 2024!

The SCMX championship is set to begin in a month, and I have some numbers to share with you.

But first, for our friends in France who may not be familiar with this discipline, let's take a quick look at this event. The SCMX, or Provincial Snocross Championship in Quebec, is a championship held over 7 events from January to March. The races take place on tracks specially designed for the events, with different categories represented, from the youngest to the professional level. Participants engage in battles throughout the weekend on snowmobiles prepared specifically for the occasion. This discipline is truly impressive, both in terms of the size and weight of the machines. Add to that the speed and the sweet sound of 2-stroke engines, and you're guaranteed an adrenaline rush trackside. If you ever visit Quebec in winter, I invite you to come and experience it. Oh yes, Quebec in winter 🥶.

Départ Snocross lors de l'épreuve du SCMX à Shawinigan
Snocross SCMX Shawinigan 2023 / Laposetoph

 Le foyer extérieur, destiné à se réchauffer, remplace les tentes dans les paddocks.
The outdoor fireplace, meant for warming up, replaces the tents in the paddocks.

A photo of Snocross is beautiful, but it remains just a photo. Even though I put a lot of love into it and try my best to make you feel the speed, effort, and beauty of this sport, it's still impossible to convey the smell of burnt gasoline or the actual temperature of the moment. With temperatures averaging around -20°C, add to that a term unfamiliar to us in France, "wind chill factor." With the help of the wind, we sometimes reach a perceived temperature of -30 to -40. And even then, I might be kind, so I'll let our local friends provide more insights on this matter.

I mentioned numbers from the start, and here's what I can expect. The SCMX championship takes place over a significant part of the territory, and I wasn't quite prepared for that 😅. Except for the home event in Shawinigan, this will amount to 3789.6 km 🥹. Of course, that also translates to roughly 39 hours and 20 minutes behind the wheel. In summary, between the road, the event, post-processing work, and hosting the photos, it should average out to about 35 hours of work to deliver the photos. 🤪 So, I find myself with 7 weeks of work to navigate over 3 months for SCMX. I could use the month of April to regain some strength before the resumption of FMSQ and CQMX.

You'll understand, but I'm starting this season with a lot of motivation, but also a lot of apprehension about the conditions and the energy it will demand from me. We can have some fun speculating on numbers and predictions. In your opinion, how many photos will be taken during this season?

For Snocross riders who may not know me yet, I launched pre-bookings for your media packages a few days ago. I'm currently limiting the number of riders per category, so don't wait. You'll be guaranteed to have photos for your communication, and if you wish, also some real action shots. This will also allow you, at the end of the season, to take advantage of my graphic design service using the stock photos we'll have captured together to create your posters.

Poster 2023 - Boost your communication, thank your partners, and keep a memory of your season. / @Laposetoph

So, who will be part of the action for this 2024 season?

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